Friday Fall Favorites

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First Friday Fall Favorites

This year I decide to share some of my Fall favorites with you. I’ve always been a bit hesitant because my decor is outdated and looks nothing like what you’d find on Pinterest or from some of the top home decor bloggers. Since starting our debt-free journey I’ve had a different perspective on my priorities. I used to chomp at the bit for the holidays to roll around so I could run to the stores and add the latest trend to my collection. It started out as adding a few items each year to deck out each nook and cranny just right before it became a fun obsession.

If you’re here because you’ve been following our journey, thank you. I hope to share some frugal tips and how you can have simple decor on a budget. A lot of what I share in this post is about items that I have had for years. Some items even have sentimental value which makes living a minimalist lifestyle next to impossible for me. Everything is about Baby Steps and I’m on the saving money focus for right now. This has taught me to humble myself and be content with what I already have. It’s not always easy when we live in a world that is constantly pushing to buy and spend more. To stay up on the latest trends or the hottest buys. I hope you find some fun along the way as well. Stay tuned for more holiday updates for my Friday Fall Favorites Series. I’m thrilled to announce that my friend Adrienne over at the blog All Adrienne will be joining me as well. We’ll be linking to one another’s posts in this series. If you’d like to join us, please leave us a comment letting us know you’d like to jump in on the fun. We’d love to have you! 😊

Quick Home Decor Tour

This week I’ll be sharing a quick home decor tour. It’s not much but just enough to be festive and add a touch of Halloween to our home.

Piano/Living Room

My twins take piano lessons from my Mom via FaceTime. I used a few items from my teaching days to add a little touch. The candy corn “Got Candy”, purple BOO! sign, and jack o’lantern bucket were from the Target dollar spot. The candy jar was from the Dollar Tree.

The jack o’lantern placemat is from Kohl’s several seasons back. If my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend more than $5 after watching sales and applying Kohl’s Cash and coupons.

These adorable plush bats were actually given to me from my mom! I grew up with them in our home so I was thrilled when she gave them to me 10 1/2 years ago. They’re adorable and I wished I had taken a close-up of the bat family so you could see their goofy toothy grins. The garland was from Michael’s several years ago, too. Again, if you watch sales and apply coupons you can snag them for about $2.

Lily calls the spider in the corner “Mr. Spider”. I picked him up on clearance at Hallmark several seasons ago. Gotta love clearance because I picked up that bad boy for a whopping $3! He’s sensored so that when you turn him on and walk near him he’ll drop down. He has several cute sayings and it’s plays a catchy little tune as he slowly creeps back up his web.


Our kitchen now doubles as Lily’s preschool room since we started preschool with her this year. My husband was kind enough to install a whiteboard on our only blank wall in the house. I pulled out my teaching tub and already had the Halloween bulletin boarder. I purchased these in seasonal two-packs from Target in their back-to-school clearance for 75 cents.

I had this garland is my teaching tub but hadn’t ever used it. It’s a glitter garland from the Target dollar spot. The calendar is new this year from Target’s back-to-school clearance. I did pay $1.39 and it’s a static-cling and dry erase calendar. I like that it came with seasonal bulletin board extras.

This well is adjacent to the preschool wall. It sits behind our table. This is another Target dollar spot garland that I already had on hand from a few seasons back. I hadn’t ever used it before so it was like-new to me.

This little guy was from Kohl’s. Another clearance find for $2.

My Grandparents gave us a table last November. This purchase was made this year, I like tablecloths as part decor and part protectant for real wood tables. They can scratch so easily. Tablecloths are nice for hiding little nicks and scratches. These will run $34.99 full price at Kohl’s. Luckily, they were running a 50% off sale bringing it down to $17.49. I had redeemed my Fetch Rewards points for a $5 e-gift cad to Kohl’s. I also had a 20% off coupon I had found through Retail Me Not. I paid less than $10 for my new tablecloth! 😃🙌🏻 I definitely call that a WIN! I should add that I don’t purchase vinyl tablecloths for decorative use. This is a cloth one and why it’s a bit spendier.

The stacked pumpkin boxes were toll painted and given to me by my Mom. This wasn’t a toll painting class but a home made decoration that she made and sold as a side hustle while I was growing up. She is a gal of many talents! Another Michaels $2 garland and a plush shelf witch that my mom gave me years ago.

Here’s the other side of our kitchen.

My Mom used to toll paint as a side hobby when I was a kid. The wooden ghost on the door is one of those projects. I can’t remember for the life of me where I got the hanging ghost BOO sign. This may be another Target find.

The rugs were $5 at Kohls several years ago along with the middle hand towel. The other two waffle knit were Target dollar spot finds.

The cookie jar and lid are more sentimental decorations that were passed down from my Mom. The cookie jar lid is another toll painting project and that is the same cookie jar I grew up with. Our weekly menu is an old idea that I’ve had. I used it for my in-home daycare and preschool to post the weekly breakfast and lunch menus. I picked up the scrap paper and stickers from Michaels. I picked up the frame from the dollar store. I use slim dry erase markers and it wipes right off for the next week.

These little pumpkins were the only other decor purchases I made this year. They were in the Target dollar spot for just $1. I did, however, snag the Mrs. Meyers pumpkin hand soap off of OfferUp for $2!

Family/TV Room

Moving along to our family/tv room. The TY Beanie Babies we’re passed down from my Mom. My Mom hand painted the wooden purple witch, the jack o’lantern placemats are from Kohl’s, and my former MIL made that clear pumpkin and candy corn jar. She picked up the jar, ribbon, and scrapbook paper from Michaels and made the vinyl face with her CriCut. It would be a really easy DIY craft.

This is our other end table. My Mom hand painted the ghost, the place,at is from Kohl’s, the Jack O’lantern is from Scentsy, the Autumn basket is from Michaels, and the Halloween book collection is from years of teaching. My Mom and Grandma passed down books that I read as a little kid and we all added to the collection as Noah and Haylee were little. This used to be such a big money pit for me… I did order one new book last year called, Lulu Goes To Witch School, because our nickname for Lily is Lulu. I don’t plan to buy any more this year.

This mirror hangs behind our couch. Another beautiful toll painting creation from my Mom! It’ll stay up through November.

Guest Bathroom

This Bathroom is off of our family room. Another Scentsy warmer and a tip toll from Target.

Speaking of Scentsy, two of my all-time favorite fall scents are Cider Mill and Pumpkin Roll! These two scents make our home smell so warm, yummy, and inviting! I wish there was a smell option so you could sample the seasonal scents! If you’re fortunate enough to know a Scentsy consultant make sure you get in touch with them. My Mom used to sell Scentsy and I stock up on seasonal or holiday scents in January when their Fall & Winter catalogue would be 10% off. Unfortunately, Scentsy has raised their prices. A bar (pictured) used to sell for $5 Regular price so I could get bars for a little over $4. That is no longer the case. I believe the bars retail for $6 Regular full price now. I have t bought bars in years. Any new bars I have have been gifted to me. Scentsy still carries Cider Mill and Pumpkin roll as they are two of their most popular fall scents.


My Mom gave me the orange lights years ago and they’re still working! I tell you, they just don’t make things the way they used to. My porch kids were from KMART. The pumpkin porch lights I bought for $3/box on clearance at Target. They were originally $12. I’ve seen Target carry them for several years but didn’t see them at my Target this year.

I do not have a green thumb! I swear I kill every plant I e ever owned. Gardening just isn’t my thing. So these are fake flowers from Michaels! 😂 The flag is also from Michaels. Porch kid was from KMART.

My Mom toll painted this entire welcome sign and each seasonal accessory. Another sentimental hand-me-down.

Last, but not least, these guys were from Michaels. They carry them every year although I’ve noticed they look slightly different year to year.

End of Home Tour

That concludes our Halloween home tour. I hope you found some ways to stay on a budget while shopping for decor. A lot of my decor is brightly colored and cutesy. That’s the former teacher in me. 😉 Again, I’ve learned it’s okay to be content with what I already have. I felt I needed a new tablecloth as I didn’t have a Halloween tablecloth since being gifted a new table. The mini pumpkins in my it the window also were not a necessity but didn’t break the bank or the budget being priced at $1. I also didn’t need the hand soap but couldn’t resist when I saw it listed for $2 when they retail for $4.

Thank you for taking our home decor tour guide on a budget and for joining Adrienne and me for our Fall Friday Favorites! If you’d like to join us next eek or have any frugal decorating tips, please comment below. 🍂👻🍁🍃🎃🍬

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