Halloween Holly: A New Family Tradition

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Halloween Holly: A New Family Tradition

Okie dokie, Parents! Halloween is just around the corner and that means that the decorations are out, the costumes have been decided upon, and you’re gearing up to stock up on your  Halloween candy favorites. I was just telling my husband this week how we used to have our candy bowl set out on the kitchen table always filled to the brim with our favorite candy minis and we’d snack upon them all month long. That tradition quickly fizzled out after the first year we were married after discovering the yucky ingredients that’s found in conventional Halloween candy.

But we needed to limit the amount of sugar we were consuming period. I’ve always enjoyed letting my kiddos dress up and trick-or-treat for gobs and gobs of candy. Let’s be honest; the best part of letting our kids trick-or-treat is so that we can paw through their stash, lol! I will never forget when the twins were four years old and they’d run down the neighbor’s sidewalks yelling, “Mommy! I got an Almond Joy for you!” Yep… my kiddos knew how much a absolutely loved Almond Joys. I still do. But I no longer consume them.

On our journey to healthier living it quickly dawned on me that the amount of candy my kids received at Halloween time would last until Easter. I noticed my kids reaching for candy instead of fruit or healthier snacks. I would let my kids pick out a few pieces of their favs and bag up the rest to take with me to school to hand out as rewards for my students at school or send my husband with the leftovers to drop off in the break room at work.

Then one day last fall I came across Halloween Holly.  Cara Via is a mom of two boys and a Halloween enthusiast. She is the creator and author behind Halloween Holly. Cara was also faced with the candy dilemma that parents face each year: too much candy, meltdowns, upset tummies, and dreaded struggles. Her goal was to keep Halloween fun while avoiding all of the downsides and aftermath that often comes after the Halloween festivities.

Holly is an elfairy (part elf, part fairy) that lives at the North Pole with Santa. While visiting Santa’s workshop, Holly learns that the secret to the Christmas elves’ energy is CANDY! When a candy shortage threatens the Christmas deadline, Holly springs into action and comes up with a marvelous idea! Holly tells Santa that everyone needed to know about the candy secret and emergency at the North Pole. She’s sure that once the secret is out that everyone will be willing to share their Halloween candy to help the elves out.

Holly quickly spreads the news to children far and wide and encourages them to collect as much candy as they possibly can while their out trick-or-treating. With a parent’s help, each child would get to pick out 10 pieces of their favorite candy to snack on and then they’ll place the rest in a special bowl. After Halloween, Halloween Holly comes to collect the candy and bring it back to the elves. So now, Santa needs each kids help in order to save Christmas. And Mom and Dad’s sanity is saved knowing that their kiddos still get to participate in the Halloween festivities without experiencing the negative cons afterwards.

My twins were really excited about adding this new tradition to our home because they agree that there is an overload of candy after all of the Halloween events and this is a healthy balance of fun and having treats in moderation all while saving those pearly whites!

Cara has created such a fun and ingenious family tradition to add to your family traditions and transform your festivities! A huge thank you to Cara and Halloween Holly for gifting this to our family! You can get your very own Halloween Holly here.

What are some of your favorite family traditions? I’d love to hear about them! 🎃🍬👻

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