How I Started A Blog and How You Can, Too!

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How I Began My Blog

When I became pregnant with my youngest child my husband and I started looking into work from home jobs. I began scouring the internet for various possibilities  that could help supplement my previous income. The options were over saturated or seemed too good to be true.

Then, one day while nursing the baby, I was perusing Pinterest and a pin came across my feed about How To Start A Mom Blog  When You Don’t Have Time. With twins in school full-time, extra curricular activities, and a high-needs newborn I was definitely one busy momma.

Curious, I clicked on How To Start A Mom Blog

I was immediately directed to a cute site with a brief description on how I, too, could start my very own blog!

Suzi Whitford at Start A Mom Blog created The Blog By Number course and it is the easiest and most informative blogging course available. Suzi is the absolute sweetest momma you’ll ever meet! She has two little girls and a baby boy on the way yet she is continually striving to help her students become successful.

What Is A Blog, You May ask?

  • A blog can be a creative outlet
  • Something that allows you to make extra income
  • An opportunity to work from home
  • Gives you the flexibility to work when you want
  • Gives you a purpose
  • An option for financial hope
  • A place to meet others
  • An area for you to combine multiple interests

Those are just a few of the perks but when it comes down to it a blog allows it’s owner the freedom to do whatever they want and get creative with it!

who can start a blog?

Here’s the best part. Get ready for it… ANYONE! The Blog By Number course isn’t just for women and moms. Anyone who would like to give blogging a try can be a successful blogger after taking Suzi’s Blog By Number Course. You can write about ANYTHING. The possibilities are endless.

Isn’t blogging OVER SATURATED?

Absolutely not! A bonus to blogging is that you, as the author, can give your unique voice to your very own audience. Suzi helps you find your niche and gives you the confidence to keep going for those moments you may doubt yourself.

what if i’m not tech savvy?

It’s okay if you don’t understand coding, know how to generate links, or edit photos . Suzi’s got you covered! Blog By Number includes video tutorials, work sheets, stock images, and an ebook to assist you with every part of the blogging process. I chose the personal review option to make it that much easier.

what if i already have a blog?

Maybe you’ve already started a blog or have had a blog for awhile now. You may have even considered trying to make money with your blog. Suzi offers readers the option to have your current blog personally reviewed as well as additional resources for all bloggers.

Ready to start your very own blog?

If you’re anything like I was, I was overwhelmed with all of the information out there on how to start a blog and didn’t know where to begin until I came across Suzi’s course. I can’t sing her praises enough. She really knows her stuff and has done all of the hard work for you. It couldn’t be simpler! You can take the Blog By Number course at your own pace; if I can complete Suzi’s course as a new mom with a very needy baby and twins ANYONE can do this!

There’s no longer the need to spend countless hours upon hours researching every little detail to blogging when it’s all right here at your fingertips. The best part about working with Suzi through Blog By Number is that she take a hands-on approach and genuinely cares about you, the process, and the success of your blog.   She’s just that AWESOME! Suzi can help your blog take off and it’s changing lives. Can I get a, “Woohoo!” to that?!

Join Suzi and me and start your very own blog TODAY right here. I’d love to hear about your experience with blogging!

UPDATE: Suzi now offers her amazing 5-course bundle at one awesome price! You can get the Ultimate Bundle here. This is such a great value! Thank you Suzi!



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