Protein Packed Snacks For On-the-Go

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The SAHM “Diet”

As a stay-at-home-mom I often neglect to take time out of my day to make sure that I’ve eaten a healthy and well-balanced meal. Even though my resume includes healthy grocery shopping on a budget for meals for the whole family, I somehow manage to forget to include myself in my day to day routine. Guilty, I know. Often times I find myself grabbing some kind of bar to eat on the go with a piece of fruit or veggie. But I forget to grab a key part of any healthy diet and that’s protein. I have crashes on a regular basis and let me tell you, it’s not fun.

My family and I really, really love smoothies. Let’s be real for a minute; unless you buy prepackaged organic fruits and veggies that have already been washed, sliced, and come conveniently packaged (as well as spendy) then who really has the time to do all of that prep work?

I know that it makes meal prep and eating much easier but there are definitely those times when the schedule doesn’t always go according to plan. A toddler didn’t take as long of a nap as expected, school-aged kids have projects or after-school activities. Life happens and things come up. So, that’s why I really like the idea of a healthy, protein packed snack that’s convenient and delicious!

Fuel For Fire Smoothies

Fuel For Fire‘s founder is six-time Ironman Triathelete Ron Gilfeather. His mission is to change the way people snack on the go by making wise and impacting changes to their daily routines to support healthy nutrition.

Key the trumpets as I announce Fuel For Fire‘s protein loaded smoothies made from real foods! Nothing artificial, no added sugars, and gluten free Fuel For Fire Smoothies are perfect for on the go. I replaced a smoothie with my typical bar and was pleasantly satisfied. They’re delicious and wholesome. I felt content and didn’t experience a crash that I usually do from not eating enough protein to sustain me on a crazy-busy day. They’re great for kids, too! My entire family couldn’t get enough of them. The twins were chomping at the bit for a new after school snack.

My husband and son really enjoyed the Coffee Blend. I personally didn’t care for it because it wasn’t what I expected. I’m a coffee lover and maybe it was the texture with the flavor? Not quite sure but I am absolutely raving over the Sweet Potato Apple smoothie! Oh, my goodness! I’m actually craving one as I sit here telling you about it! It is definitely my favorite! The Strawberry Banana, Banana Cocoa, and Tropical are all very yummy as well! They’re what you’d expect from a smoothie only more delicious. The best part is even though these smoothies contains whey protein you can’t taste it at all! There aren’t any funny textures or weird after tastes which I give two big thumbs up for! Way to nail the deliciousness and healthiness of a protein smoothie without the funkiness, Fuel For Fire!

The smoothies come packaged in convenient on-the-go squeeze pouches. You can pack them in lunchboxes, backpacks, gym bags, and even diaper bags. This is what I did when we took our youngest to the zoo for the first time and in my excitement I forgot to eat. I was able to enjoy my time with my family thanks to the Fuel For Fire smoothie I had tossed in the diaper bag!

I even managed to grab one on the way to church because Heaven knows I’m always running late for church and don’t even have time to make myself a couple of eggs. Peanut butter and apples are too messy and not ideal when I’m applying that last coat of mascara or my lipstick.

Find Your Fuel

With so many great smoothie blend options its easy to say yes to clean and fun snacking. Did you know that childhood obesity is on the rise (1 in 5 children are considered obese) and that 91% of children get less than half the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day? That’s why is so crucial, now more than ever, to spread the word about wholesome nutrition and the importance of staying active. Fuel For Fire supports fueling America with quality whole foods.

You can find Fuel For Fire products here or even on Amazon. Now through July 31, 2018 you can save 40% and receive free shipping on your purchase at with code SAVE40.

What are some ways that you like to keep your family fueled on the go? Please share your ideas below.

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  1. Adrienne says:

    These would be great for my son. (and everyone else in the family too) He doesn’t eat much meat and we are trying to get protein in his little body.

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