Holiday Meals Your Whole Family Can Enjoy

Gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan…
Deprivation-free holiday meals (take that, food allergies)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is already next week? I feel like we just recovered from Halloween and that I barely pulled out my Thanksgiving decorations! I pulled out my turkey notepad this weekend and started to make a menu plan for our Thanksgiving meal keeping in mind that I wanted nothing but whole, organic foods. Then, something unexpected happened…

I’ve been feeling different for awhile now and chalked it up to being the mom of a very busy toddler. Even though I eat healthy and watch very closely what I eat my body hasn’t been treating me very well at all. So, I started eliminating certain foods from my diet and guess what? I’m already starting to feel better! But that kind of put a kink in my Thanksgiving menu. No bread or stuffing?? No pumpkin or apple pie?? After the turkey, those are the traditional dishes and desserts I look forward to at my Thanksgiving meal. You can’t have turkey without the stuffing and I’m a total sucker for hot, buttered rolls on our table.

I have several family members that aren’t able to eat certain foods to due food allergies or autoimmune diseases and that can make the holidays frustrating. I always feel badly when theyre not able to eat the dishes I’ve prepared and they feel as though they’re special diets can inconvenience the rest of the guests.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the Food Allergy Freedom Collection. Put together by my friends at Ultimate Bundles, it includes 280 tried-and-true holiday recipes, including:

  • Cakes, cookies, pies and candies that follow a Top 8 Allergen-Free diet
  • 30 deliciously decadent yet healthy desserts free of grains, dairy and eggs
  • A guide for preparing home-made candy with unrefined sweeteners (and not a drop of corn syrup)
  • 32 gluten-free holiday recipes your crockpot can cook for you
  • Classic recipes like pumpkin pie, turkey gravy, and even dinner rolls focusing on GAPS diet, primal, and paleo foods – WOOHOO!!!
  • A 4-week meal plan, including desserts and snacks, free of (or with alternatives for) egg, dairy, wheat, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish
  • 13 recipes for fresh-baked, grain-free bread made with coconut flour
  • And much more!

Click here to get your Food Allergy Freedom Collection:

Whether you need to avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts, grains, refined sugars, OR you eat paleo, GAPS, vegan or even AIP, you’ll find something to chow down on with these delicious, deprivation-free recipes.

Normally, you would have to spend over $110 to get the 9 eCookbooks in this collection. But until tomorrow (Tuesday) at 11:59pm Eastern Time, you can get it on a pay-what-you-want basis. Seriously — it’s a chance to save big while making sure you won’t be scrambling for recipes that work this holiday season!

And if you choose to pay $20 or more, you’ll also get a bonus eCourse full of tips for cooking around major food allergens, so you can transform your favorite family recipes to make them allergy-friendly (worth $40 by itself!). Plus the bundle is backed 100% with a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee. So why wait?

Click here to get the Food Allergy Freedom Collection:

Now the holidays can be fun for everyone with the convenience of this bundle!

Remember, this 48-hour package is only available until tomorrow, at 11:59pm Eastern Time. So if you want it, you need to get it soon.

Get the Food Allergy Freedom Collection here:


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