Quickly Increase & Maintain Your Milk Supply

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How I increased & Maintained My Milk Supply

There are those times while breastfeeding that our supply tends to take a dip. There are a multitude of reasons for this. In my case any time that Little One was teething or when my monthly visitor returned my supply definitely decreased. Find out how I not only quickly increased my supply but maintained it as well.

Drink, drink, drink!

The first question I always ask myself is, “Have I had enough water today?” I really struggle with this one. As a busy mom I am constantly forgetting to take care of myself when making sure I’m taking care of my family. Not only is staying hydrated essential for maintaining your milk supply but its just as important for your overall health. To keep myself in check and on track I use a free water tracker app. Having a cute and versatile water bottle can be a fun incentive, too!

Food is fuel

Your body cannot maintain a healthy milk supply if you’re not eating enough calories. Did you know that breastfeeding alone can burn between 300-500 calories?? How awesome is that?! What’s not awesome is the jittery, light-headed feeling that can come with not making sure your body gets enough calories. I like to start my day with a bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Quick Cooking organic oats. They’re delicious, quick, and healthy!

It’s important to have easy snacks on hand as well. As a busy momma I don’t always have the time to prepare a full blown meal for myself (and clean it up) so I like to keep Annie’s organic snacks on hand. They’re extremely convenient and taste great! I can just grab them out of my pantry and throw them in the diaper bag to eat on the run. A few of my other favs are Cliff’s Kids Organic Energy Bars, Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, Frigo string cheese, baby carrots, and sliced apples. Plus, my kids will eat them, too. Win-win for all!

Get Some Extra zzzs

Okay, okay. I fully understand that as a new mommy this is way easier said than done. We both know that a new baby is not going to sleep through the night, especially if you’re breastfeeding. Sleep is one of those precious things that we took for granted during those college years and is now gladly sacrificed for the benefit of raising healthy babies.

Take if from the girl who was lucky enough to have managed an average of 45 minutes of sleep in an entire night with twins so making sure she  snoozed with new baby any chance she got! Mommas, let me tell you this right now. I can not stress to you enough that dinner, dishes, laundry, or whatever else is keeping you from catching a little shut eye is not, I repeat, NOT more important than your MUCH NEEDED REST. Taking a nap with baby or falling asleep on the couch is not the end of the world. Don’t let anyone else tell or make you feel otherwise. I know we all want to be that Super Mom and that time will come. But for right now take some time for yourself. Enlist the help of daddio, willing family members, and friends.


Do you still have those prenatal vitamins stashed in your medicine cabinet? If you do, whip those puppies back out and keep on poppin’ them each day. I’d forget to take mine and definitely noticed a decrease in my supply.  I started leaving them on my nightstand and would take the recommended dose  before bed as I plugged my phone in for the night. This also helped with any queasiness you may experience. A full tummy and a good night’s rest are a great combo for combating nausea felt from taking prenatal vitamins on an empty stomach. I really enjoy Garden of Life Prenatal Gummies because they taste great, are easy to take, and have ingredients that you can actually pronounce.


This is my favorite part! I thoroughly enjoy the Organic Milkmaid Tea by Earth Mama Angel Baby. You can enjoy it hot or iced making it a year-round treat. While breastfeeding it’s advised to limit the caffeine intake. I thought I’d go through coffee withdrawals but when I added a bit of coffee creamer and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg WOWZA! Talk about rockin’ my taste bud world! I’ll definitely miss this tea when Little One is no longer nursing. I also love their Monthly Comfort Tea for when my monthly visitor decides to show up. You can read more about that here.

My 5-Finger Rule

Just to recap, here are my five go-to necessities to increase my milk supply when it decides to take a dip and maintain that liquid gold:

  1. Drink plenty of water – stay well hydrated!
  2. Make sure you’re eating, Momma
  3. Rest up when you can
  4. Keep taking your prenatal vitamins
  5. Sip Milkmaid tea as an extra treat

I’d love to hear about your breastfeeding experiences and what worked for you to maintain you milk supply! Comment below or shoot me an email.

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