A Tale of the Purple Peg-Legged Pirate

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Have you ever wished you could travel back in time to a specific date and have a redo? Would you like a second chance to do things differently or experience them over again?

There have been more “do-overs” I wished I could relive again as a mother than I can remember. As I’ve become older I try to remind myself that everything happens for a reason and that the reason behind an event is to help us learn and grow as individuals. That’s not always an easy motto to adopt but I like to think I try my best.

As I strain so hard to remember every last detail of the event that resulted in my 22-month old fracturing her tibia and being placed in a leg cast for 5 weeks my memory robs me of what should have been a fun filled family day out…

We had recently won passes to a new indoor trampoline/adventure park that had just opened up. It happened to be my husband’s Saturday off and we had the twins. We only have them every other week and my husband only gets a Saturday off every six weeks so this rare family day was extra special for us.

It had started off a bit rocky because our oldest had had a rough week and needed to sit out of the activities for a bit. I sat with him while stepdad and sister checked out all that the park had to offer. Our toddler is attached to mommy’s hip so naturally she stayed with me while daddy and Big Sis were playing for a bit.

After while, Lil Sis and I went to look for daddy and Big Sis and snap a few pictures of them playing around. http://nickle-pickle.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/img_9729.movMy, oh, my were they having a BLAST! 😃 This mommy couldn’t wait to join in on the action! While we were waiting Lil Sis and I went over to the free-zone where there were several square trampolines. They weren’t quite as big as a backyard trampoline but a bit bigger than a personal sized trampoline that you’d use for exercises. We proceeded to a vacant corner of the free-zone and I put Lil down to do her own thing. I kept an eye on her as I watched for older and much bigger participants jumping around so that I could foresee them jumping towards Lil’s direction and pick her up before she was double bounced or knocked over. The free-zone is a pretty large area and took up a quarter of the indoor park. Most of the other jumpers didn’t come close to Lily with the exception of another toddler who was about her age. They tossed a clear ball from the “bubble” pit back and forth and talked in their little toddler jargon. I didn’t encounter anything that would raise my mommy alertness to a concerned level. At one point all five of us were happily hanging out in the free-zone watching one another to flips and taking turns admiring Lily having fun and making new friends. Then Big Sis asked me to try out the rock climbing walls with her. Daddy is an extremely protective dad so I knew Lily was in good hands while I spent some one-on-one time with Big Sis. I’m not going to lie, I had the most wonderful time with Haylee! It was long over do and I really enjoyed myself. We raced up each obstacle wall and I over came my fear of jumping off the top of the wall and letting the harness slowly pull me back down to solid ground. Haylee even dared me to attempt to jump from pillar to pillar without hands and without falling and guess what… this Momma did it!!!! I didn’t nail the landing and fell right on my booty when I jumped off of the tallest pillar but was laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my cheeks. I didn’t care. I was making memories with my oldest daughter and loving every second of it! We had just completed the harnessed activities when we decided we were ready to try the skyline. It’s similar to a zip line and goes across the entire park.

No sooner had we started towards the skyline and here comes Daddy carrying a fussy Lil. Her cry was different, unlike anything I had heard before. My mama instincts told me that something wasn’t right. I had my husband put her down to walk towards me and she wasn’t able to put any weight on her right leg.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< nee while I nursed her. Lily kept trying to fall asleep but would let out the most heart breaking cry. I decided to let the twins play while Lil slept and Daddy iced her knee. After an hour we decided that it was time to head home. Lil is Little Miss Independent and wanted to get down and walk around but her knee gave out and she started crying inconsolably. It was time to take her in. Something just wasn't right. When we arrived at the DOC (Direct Orthopedic Care) we were seen right away. They took a look at Lily's knee and turned it and applied pressure. The doctor thought that she was fine but wanted to take X-rays just to be sure. As suspected, Lily had a buckle fracture of her tibia. Her little bones has smushed together like two little hills. 😔 It was determined that Lil would need a cast and that it would need to be worn for about 4-6 weeks. Lily was a champ and didn’t even cry when she was looked over, had X-rays, and then the cast applied. As you can see she was quite the little cheeser. 😂 She was so well behaved that the DOC gave her teddy bear that we appropriately named Tibby the Teddy.

New teddies and organic suckers make everything better! 😊

Big Brother and Sis made it even more special by being the first ones to sign her cast and help decorate it.

We were very fortunate with Lily’s experience. She was crawling around the next day as she did when she was a younger baby and was hobbling along within the week. And thus the Purple Peg-Legged Pirate made her debut!

We used Big Sister’s old knee-high socks to keep the cast clean and free of any little particles that may have been picked up while getting around. Bathtimes were on hold and we had to take showers with Lil which was quite the challenge. Daddy did a phenomenal job of keeping her leg wrapped well; water didn’t ever get inside of the cast.

After two weeks her toes started to smell a bit. I took Q-tips and baby wipes and washed between her toes and as far as I could get on top of her foot.

At three weeks the cast started to itch causing Lil a bit of discomfort and a lack of sleep at night. I whipped out my hair dryer and put it on the lowest cool setting to help relieve the itch. Week four was by far the worst and I used my finger to apply Honest Organic All-Purpose Balm. Golly, do I love this stuff! I swear by it and have found it helpful for a multitude of uses. I’d rub the balm as far down the cast as my fingers could get until Lil fell asleep.

It definitely helped and did wonders for her skin!

We kept up this routine and care for five weeks and two days before we were seen to get the cast removed. Boy, was this Momma ready!

Lil playing dress up and being silly while getting along just fine on her cast. Lily the morning of her cast removal – boy does she look excited! 😃 We had to have more X-Rays done before she could actually get the cast cut off. A tiny dark line was still slightly visible but there was a lot of new bone growth and we were told it looked great. Lily brought along one of her puppies. Boy, was she BRAVE! She didn’t freak out or cry… Chill as a cucumber! She looked quite comfy and relaxed on that bed. Big Sister was there every step of the way! Once the cast was off and Lil could move her foot and ankle around the stiffness made her a bit weepy. Haylee was SO great to hold her and talk her through the process! A picture with Mommy before we left. If you’ve ever had an experience with a cast, I’m sure you’re wondering about our after care experience. Well, it was an interesting one that’s for sure!

Her leg was, of course, a little dirty but quite horrendously smelly! Because I had tried to keep her toes and the top of her foot cleaned the best I could it was really her ankle that was the worst. The leg was scaly and had a bit of a bumply rash.

Surprisingly, the office didn’t off to wash it off and asked if I had baby wipes with me. I said that I did but quickly wished I hadn’t. The assistant told me that those would be better for Lil’s skin. But as in learning, another with “fragrance” on the ingredient list is not a good thing…

I tried my darnedest to take the awful smell away but I had released five weeks of dead and unwashed skin. This only worsened Lil’s leg, both smell, rash, and itch.

We had planned to meet my Grandparents for lunch at the new Chick-fil-A that had just opened up but what I didn’t realize is that one should not plan on making appointments or running errands the day of a cast removal.

Lily’s leg itched so badly and her poor skin just flaked off like falling snow.

I decided to bring her home and give her an oatmeal bath to help soothe her irritated skin. Thank goodness for great neighbors because mine offered some anti-itch cream. This stuff helped TREMENDOUSLY!

I allowed her skin to just be open to the air. I only gave her an oatmeal bath every other day and applied the anti-itch cream as needed.

The redness and rash hung around for a week but I was determined to heal her sweet skin. When the rash was healed, I continued to apply Honest Organic All Purpose Balm. This has healed her skin beautifully! Two days post-cast removal walking around at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Notice how her right leg is up on the top-toes. Lil’s walking was a bit unsteady at first. She wasn’t able to put any weight on her leg for the first two days. We encouraged her to walk to us or things that she wanted. By day 3 she was walking on her tip-toes as if she still had the cast one. She’d tire easily and we noticed her ankle would give out after awhile.

But we didn’t give up! Within a week Lil was walking all over the place! It wasn’t until almost two weeks that she just got up and went! Her foot was flat and her heel was on the ground! Yay!

Favoring her right leg just a bit but getting around GREAT! We are two week post-cast removal today. Lil’s right foot is slightly turned out but we will continue to watch it and give you an update here.

How was your experience with your child(ren)’s cast? I’d love to hear about your journey! Please comment below.

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