A Healthier Popcorn Option

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I absolutely love popcorn! It has always been an all-time favorite snack of mine. From air popped to microwave to the Jiffy Pop campfire in the tin pan. It’s always been fun watching and listening for those kernels to turn fluffy and make that POPPING sound.

A few years back I snagged a stove pop popper that you cranked the handle and I preferred this method for the organic popcorn kernels, sea salt, and butter combination. I thought that those were the only three ingredients needed for perfectly popped popcorn. Phhhh! Shows just how little I know!

When I tried Malaysian Palm Oil I was curious to see what the end results would be. I was surprised how fluffy the kernels turned out! There wasn’t even a need for butter and yet the popcorn wasn’t oily or greasy in any way. I did add just a touch of sea salt for a bit of taste and found that Malaysian Palm Oil is absolutely perfect for popcorn. It actually enhances the flavor instead of taking over that natural popped corn flavor like butter does.  My family and I were pleasantly surprised at how well we enjoyed this pairing.

Palm oil sourced from Malaysia is non-GMO and ideal for high temperature cooking.  Other key factors to note about this unique oil is that it is a healthy replacement for partially hydrogenated oil because it’s trans fat free and rich with nutrients such as, provitamin A carotenoids.  These carotenoids are important for growth and development and maintenance of the immune system.   The Red palm fat is rich in the antioxidants Vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols. Tocotreinols are  superior to tocopherols, however tocopherols are the more commonly used natural preservative found in several perishable goods.  Both compounds have been found to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, neuroprotective, with cholesterol lowering properties.  Palm oil itself is cholesterol free, free of trans fats, high in linoleic acid, and helps raise HDL-cholesterol.  Either natural preservative is a much better source of preservation  than any synthetic preservative.  Here’s a fun fact: a one-acre palm oil plantation produces 11 times more oil than a one-acre soybean field. WOW!

We’ve switched to eating sweet potatoes over traditional baking potatoes and I’m anxious to make sweet potato fries with palm oil. Stay tuned for the results!

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